The National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, despite the status of a scientific organization,
can be considered one of the largest agricultural land users in Eastern Europe. After the collapse of the
USSR, about 1 million hectares of agricultural land were used by the Academy, but during the period
of Ukraine’s independence, this area has decreased significantly. However, despite this, the Academy
now includes dozens of scientific institutions and 152 experimental farms using 385.4 thousand hectares of agricultural land. The study examines the reasons for the low efficiency of agricultural land-use by research organizations, which is significantly lower than the efficiency in private business. It is proposed to create a trust fund to manage the land of the Academy that will be able to manage transparently the land of the Academy by leasing it at public auctions and increase the income from their use and provide additional funding for research.

Key words: agricultural land, trust fund, efficiency

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