During the land relations reforming in Ukraine, it is very important to have high-quality reliable geospatial information about the value of agricultural lands and lands in settlements of different regions and types. This information is provided by indicators such as: bonitet estimation, normative monetary valuation of agricultural land, expert valuation of land plots in village and urban settlements, as well as quantitative estimates of factors which are influencing on the land valuation. These figures are contained in tabular form, which complicates their geospatial analysis. Therefore, the actual task is to visualize this information as on separate thematic maps, and in the thematic digital Atlas of the cost of land in Ukraine. We have grounded the conceptual foundations of the Atlas, mapped metrics, its thematic structure and the scale range of maps. Prepared geographic basics of thematic maps and experimental variants of land value maps on the administrative districts and village councils. Work on the creation of the Atlas of the cost of land in Ukraine continues.

Key words: atlas, mapping of land resources, cost of land, thematic maps

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