In the article, the normative monetary valuation of land of settlements (hereinafter referred to as NMEs) is considered as a mechanism for ensuring the rational use of urban areas, and geoinformation technologies as an instrument for creating information and cartographic provisions of spatial planning. In the study the settlement acts as an object of evaluation of urbanized land. At the same time, the emphasis is placed on taking into account the location of the settlement in the population placing system of Ukraine. Based on the methodology adopted in Ukraine [Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine 2018a], the average cost of urban settlements has been calculated, and the analysis of the obtained indicators in the border areas with Poland has been calculated – in the Volyn, Transcarpathian and Lviv regions. The digital copyright maps reflect: 1) the average cost of the land of the urban settlements of Ukraine in the border areas with Poland as of 01.01.2019; 2) factors influencing the cost of the land of settlements (taking into account the role and place of settlement in the national population placing system).

Key words: land use, normative monetary evaluation of land in settlements of Ukraine, geoinformation
technologies, cartographic models

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